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Catering for WEDDINGS and BANQUETS

Your wedding day has to be very special, as it is not just any event, it is a very important step in people's lives, it is for this and many more reasons that it has to be a perfect and unforgettable day.

Organising a wedding takes a lot of work, from choosing the day, the church, the location of the banquet, the decoration, the entertainment and of course the WEDDING CATERING.

At Katering y Eventos, we are specialists in planning, organising and providing catering services for your wedding.

A whole team of professionals will take care of the whole service, so that you and your loved ones can enjoy your WEDDING.

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Catering para bodas
Catering Boda Mallorca

Your wedding to your wishes

We offer various types of events.
Vintage | Traditional banquet | Cocktail | Elegant | Informal.

We adapt to your taste, tell us how you want the CATERING FOR YOUR WEDDING to be, and we will make it come true.

The celebration of the marriage does not have to have a high budget, we advise the bride and groom in the organization and planning of their marriage, with the budget that you have.


A special menu for
  your wedding for

At Ktering y Eventos, as a wedding catering service, we have a wide selection of dishes that will make up your wedding menu.

All our dishes are prepared with the best raw materials, thus achieving a menu for your wedding catering, unforgettable in taste, smell and presentation.

We present you some of our dishes that we have at your disposal.

Catering para bodas en Mallorca


At the wedding, every detail counts and musical entertainment is a must, our event planners will take care of everything.

Cocktails and Drinks

And you shouldn't miss cocktails at your wedding celebration, we offer you a wide variety of cocktails and drinks, so that you can enjoy a unique and unforgettable moment with your guests.

Event design

We design your event to your taste, from the choice of furniture, crockery, cutlery, floral arrangements and all the elements that make up the celebration of a wedding.


We have a team of decorators, who will give your wedding that magic and fantasy touch that you deserve on the most important day of your life. 

At Ktering & Eventos we strive to make sure that your wedding day turns out just as you had always dreamed it would.

Catering bodas Palma

At Ktering y Eventos, as a wedding catering service, we take care of everything, so that you don't have to worry about anything, as the celebration of a wedding is to be enjoyed by the bride and groom and their guests.

We take care of the smallest detail, as our extensive experience and the professionalism of our team allow us to offer a quality service.

On a day as special as your wedding, KTERING and EVENTS, is highly committed to your event, to make it the best memory of your life.

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