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BRUNCH Service
Breakfast plus lunch

Brunch, also known as breakfast plus lunch, is an Anglo-Saxon tradition that has become fashionable these days in Mallorca.

There are several places where they offer you a BRUNCH, from Ktering and events we take it to your home, your office or to the place you tell us.

We offer you a breakfast to your taste with seasonal products, we take great care in the preparation of each BRUCH, both in presentation, flavour and aroma, so that you can enjoy a different breakfast with your friends, family or clients.

Professional quality service, so that you can enjoy a breakfast plus lunch in the place you choose to do it, it is as simple as asking us for the Brunch and you provide us with the place, the day and the time, we will take care of the rest.

Ask for more information here.

Comida casera
Desayunos y meriendas a domicilio

Breakfast and snacks

Quick and nutritious breakfasts and snacks, to start the day with your batteries on. You and your guests will enjoy this great BRUNCH.

Orange natural


We offer you natural juices, for your breakfast lunch, simple, healthy and natural.



And seasonal fruit is a must. Without fruit your breakfast and lunch would not be complete.

Donuts or


Esquistos donuts or doughnuts, because a day is a day, and this fantastic sweet can't be missing in your Brunch.

At Ktering y Eventos we make Brunch to suit the client's taste. Ask for more information here.

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