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Catering para veganos en Mallorca

Vegan wedding catering

Tasty, nutritious and completely unique vegan wedding catering, Ktering & Eventos serves delicious food to people on Mallorca who are tired of always trying the same old thing.

There are many who are trying to perfect their vegan food lifestyle, we offer a personalised menu in order to achieve the perfection they are looking for.

This complete experience only happens when you ask us for more information about our vegan wedding catering.

And not just vegan wedding catering, but vegan catering for all types of events, contact us for more information.

Our proposal Vegan wedding catering

Ktering & Events, we offer a vegan catering proposal, leaving the usual for this type of event, our appetizers are varied, since not all diners are vegans is why we make a varied vegan catering to give them a taste of all the fantastic vegan food with tastes and colours of vegan food.

Our aim is to surprise the diner with different flavours, aromas and colours,

Our intention is that the guests at your wedding, celebration or vegan event live a unique and totally satisfying, fun and enjoyable experience.

We present you a vegan catering for a wedding at Muleta de Ca S'hereu rustic finca in Soller.

Catering Vegano en Mallorca
Catering para veganos

Vegan snacks

Cones with sweet potato, sweet potato, beetroot and plantain chips.

Assortment of Gazpachos (watermelon, pine nut white garlic, corn and cherry).

Cauliflower popcorn // Cauliflower buffalon wings.

Avocado hummus toast.

Herb Falafel.

Vegetable samosas with coconut curry sauce.

Aubergine, pear and cinnamon cake.

Mini Burger hummus and caramelised onion sandwiches.

Vegan afternoon brunch

Assortment of desserts

Chocolate sponge cake
Apple cake
Pineapple and red fruit cake
Assortment of vegan mini cookies


Smoothies 1: 35g kale. 100g orange. 110g banana. 150g rice and coconut milk.

Smoothies 2: 150g rice milk and coconut. 40g spinach. 100g apple. 60g grapes. 40g avocado. 20g dates.

Smoothies 3: 60g grapes. 40g beetroot. 20g flaxseed. 3g mint. 10g lemon juice. 100g orange juice.

Smoothie 4: 120g pineapple. 100g banana. 40g spinach. 30g oatmeal. 20g dates. 110ml almond drink

Smoothie 5: 120g mango. 60g grapes. 60g spinach. 170g almond drink


Boda vegana

Dinner buffet

We offer you a vegan buffet dinner, with two proposals: cold and hot.

The cold zone is made up of stations where you can enjoy breads, salads, crudités and more vegan dishes.

The hot zone is presented with vegan food, such as cream, Mallorcan vegetable soups, tumbet, etc.

Find out more about our buffet below.

Empresa de Catering comida mallorquina

Cold zone
First station


A complete station where you can find 6 different types of breads which are included in the menu in their entirety
(brown, poppy seed, sesame, olive, apricot, walnut).
(*) there may be variations in type, depending on the market, but not in the number of options.

To accompany these breads and the rest of the dishes we offer you a very varied and interesting range of dressings.
and interesting:

OILS: Virgin olive, truffled, rosemary, thyme and arrabiatta (spicy).

VINEGARS: Sherry, Modena, red fruit vinegars

SALTS: Common iodized salt, lemon, black salt, Himalayan rose salt

Cold zone
Second season

Salad season.

We do not forget those who are careful with their diet or have a different dietary tendency. For all of them we include a season exclusively of
individual salads of various types and tastes, the usual and the seasonal ones, those for refining
and those of contribution.

    Quinoa salad with cherry, avocado, lentils and pumpkin

    Pasta salad with basil, cherry's and pesto

    Cos-cous with tomato, pepper and red onion Majorcan style

    Fried rice with vegetables

    Lebanese salad

Catering para veganos en Mallorca
Catering para veganos en Mallorca

cold zone
Third station

The fun part of the buffet, as it is informal, the crudités will create a fun moment full of contrasts and choices.
of contrasts and options:


    Assortment of Hummus: Beetroot, sweet pepper, lentils, avocado, tomato and olive tapenade

    Tomato and olive tapenade

    Black olive tapenade

    Edamame tapenade

    Basil Pesto




    Baby carrots

    Green pepper



    Assortment of ART-ESANAS biscuits


Hot zone


White asparagus cream

Mallorcan vegetable soups

Broccoli with mango sauce and cashew nuts

Sweet potato parmentier with honey.

Tostelinis sautéed with spinach, black garlic and cherry.


Courgettes stuffed with lentils and mustard sauce.

Assortment of sweet potatoes:

Stuffed with pulses and vegetables (aubergine, courgette, lentils, etc).

Various toppings (pico de gallo, guacamole, tahini, etc...).

Catering vegano



    Pistachio mousse    Chia cream with fruits
    Mango and mint panacota    Lemon flan



    Chocolate Cake with vegan chocolate frosting
    Vegan Carrot Cake
    Shortcrust pastry with seasonal fruits //
    Vegan Key lime pie





At the reception and while waiting for the ceremony


Flavoured water.

Lemon mint





    Soft drinks cola

    Cava Brut Perelada Cuvee Especial

    Non-alcoholic cava

After the aperitif until dinner time:


    Cola soft drink



    Soft drinks cola

    Moritz Lager beer

    White wine Protos Verdejo



Extra services


After party drinks
Waiter service to be arranged
Wedding cake
Furniture (rental and assembly)
Tableware (rental and set-up)
Transportation outside Palma (to be specified)

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